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Think of a service you’re searching for. Any service. From skydiving to finding a plumber. Perhaps something even more specialized, like handcrafted crochet knick-knacks (we get pretty creative here at REFUGE).

If your search habits are anything like the majority of the population, you’ll head straight to Google, type in your search terms and most likely, select a result that shows on the first page. Or you’ll head to Yelp to try and find reviews that can better inform your decision.


If you’re a business owner, you’re hoping that your potential clients are trying to interact with you in the same way. If you are, take a moment to initiate a quick search with your business name or with the keywords related to the services you offer. If you’re not on the first page of the search results, you may want to invest some time in tweaking your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy.


SEO Relevance


Across search platforms  (Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Twitter etc) and online interaction, a keyword search is becoming the first point of reference, and being mindful of the following can help you develop your content better.


Listen – And listen closely. Before content can be distributed, you need to seek out your target audience and provide a way for their needs to be met. A little research, especially using social media, can help you understand the channels they use and see the conversations they initiate.


The important lesson here is that services can’t be forced upon a clientele. If services don’t offer solutions, then people will certainly look elsewhere.



Optimized Content – According to Lee Odden at Mashable, “implementing a social media marketing program without optimizing content is leaving money on the table.”

We tend to agree.


Relevant, high quality content, tagged with the right keywords, is what tends to attract search engines, and consequently, clientele.


Daily monitoring – Spend between 30 – 60 minutes each day, tweaking your SEO words, monitoring the metrics like click through’s and search terms, and then create content that engages the largest amount of your target audience.  The process is cyclical and eventually helps you move forward.


As always, please do let us know your thoughts and reflections pertaining to our content and the ways you’ve implemented your marketing strategies.

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