The New Facebook Timeline- What to Expect

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After introducing its vast array of audiences to the visually engaging and multimedia-friendly Timeline feature, Facebook has finally announced its plans to unroll Timeline Pages for organizations.

Overall, we think it’s a great idea – if it’s composed well, the Timeline offers a good opportunity for your customers to gain a close-up understanding of your company’s product offerings, your company culture, your story, and your success.
As we keep discovering, there’s no harm in gaining a reputation for being more personable or for developing a leaning towards quality customer service. Besides, Timeline Pages come with a built-in attraction for potential customers to spend more time getting to know you. Not to forget the fact that it’s simply fun.
Some of the features are still the same – the cover photo and the embedded profile picture are still where the eye is drawn to first. Therefore, it’s extremely important to keep these creative, catchy, and colorful. Moreover, with the integration of Pinterest into the active social media landscape, the “new and improved” version will allow your organization to use “pinned” posts.
Also, expect to connect with your customers in a more intimate setting since they will now be able to message you directly in a closed-loop conversation.  On the more technical side of things, Facebook Tabs will be phased out in exchange for Timeline boxes.
Content Caveat – Keeping it Real
This will sound like no surprise – especially because we love talking about the importance of quality content – but really, for all the tricks and fun features, there will still be no replacing of good quality content that delivers a clear message and is engaging on every level, especially visually. Because most Facebook users use their News Feeds to stay engaged and updated, creative and engaging content will still be king.  Don’t plan on phasing that out.
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