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By Vlad Vidaeff

As a full-service boutique advertising agency, The REFUGE Group offers a vast array of marketing services ranging from traditional marketing to digital marketing and public relations/events.  Under the digital marketing umbrella, one of our core competencies is the analytics services that we provide to our clients.  This blog will give you a preview of the way in which we provide key metrics on a weekly basis.

As the importance of digital marketing continues to rise on a yearly basis, marketing is going through an interesting transformation.  With the role that the Internet plays in both business and our personal lives, data-driven marketing is becoming essential.  The primary goal of different areas in digital marketing including social media, e-mail marketing, website redesign, and SEO is often to bring traffic to a client’s website.  Whether the focus is brand awareness, an increase in sales, or another marketing goal, clients want to know the impact of their marketing campaigns.  This is where analytics comes in.  On a weekly basis, The REFUGE Group sends custom reports touching on key metrics.  These are metrics that The REFUGE Group, using its expertise in digital marketing, has determined are critical in judging the potential success of marketing campaigns.

The analytics that we provide typically fall in two areas, the first being website traffic.  We compare website traffic from the current week to the previous week to discover the percentage increases or decreases for a multitude of metrics.  The other area that we analyze is social media metrics by looking at key metrics on a variety of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  To give you an example, on Facebook, engagement is considered the number one social media metric today.  Engagement takes into account likes, comments, and shares and divides it by the reach of a post to give you an engagement percentage.  By taking several social media metrics into account, engagement is a complex metric that gives you a good idea of the effectiveness of a particular post.  What is considered high engagement varies depending on the industry, but generally, 10% or above is excellent.

The REFUGE Group does more than just provide you with a heavy dose of data, we take things a step further.  Our team analyzes the data, looking for trends and patterns and we then draw conclusions based on the data.  For example, if you ran a promotional campaign, you would want to know the impact of the campaign.  By providing you with key metrics and explaining the metrics in laymen’s terms, you have concrete numbers at your disposal.  We customize our reports so they can be provided to executives, board of directors, or other interested parties who want updates on website traffic and social media metrics.  If you are interested in learning more about our analytics services and how they can benefit your company, please contact us as at [email protected] or 713-528-0200.


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