The Secrets to the Successes of Texans’ Marketing

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No matter where you turn in Houston, you’re sure to see Texans memorabilia. By simply typing the word “Texans” into the Facebook search box you will find that countless pages dedicated to the Houston football team pop up.  The team has truly built a name for themselves, not just in Texas, but across the country as well.  While they’re by no means the top team in the NFL, their logo alone is enough to garner enthusiastic squeals from fans.  Even those who aren’t fans can easily recognize the Texans logo.


So what is it about this team that makes them, particularly their logo, so iconic?  One word: Marketing.  The Texans have done a fantastic job marketing themselves to the general public.  They’ve done a lot of hard work to polish their image and strengthen their brand power. If the Texans logo is on a product then there is a guarantee that someone will buy it. There are many Houstonians that can say that they are guilty of buying almost anything that has the team’s logo plastered all over it.  Win or lose, the team will always have very a special place in Houston’s heart.


All that being said, here are a few of the pointers we can take from the team’s impressive marketing strategy:


1) Reach out to fans!  This is a marketing strategy that is absolutely necessary if a company wants to expand their fan base.  Make the fans, or clients in a business situation, feel important.  Make them feel like they are a part of something bigger.  The Texans are constantly shifting the focus from the team to their craziest and most loyal fans.  They put a lot of effort into making their fans feel special.


2) Go behind the scenes!  Aside from focusing on the fans, the Texans also shine the spotlight on the individual players on the team as well as the sidelines crew.  By doing so, they are putting a face on their brand.  They want their audience to feel like they personally know the people behind their iconic logo.  Companies should strive to do the same, whether that means introducing customers to their employees or posting pictures of the manufacturing process behind their products.  Customers want to feel connected just as much as they want to feel special.


3) Promote!  The Texans aren’t shy about hosting fundraisers or sponsoring various charities.  From their “Running of the Bulls” 5K to their sponsorship of the Houston Food Bank, the team knows how to market themselves in meaningful ways.  Successful companies do the same because they understand the inherent value of this type of marketing as well as the value of giving back to the community.  Nothing promotes and polishes the image of a company more than giving back.

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