Three Ways to Bring More Readers to Your Blog

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If you are looking to get more eyes on your business’s blog, a recent post by Sam Zastrow for Social Media Today offers some assistance. Since attracting attention to even the most groundbreaking content can be challenging in the blogosphere, Zastrow passes on three writing styles to spice up your blog.  This variety may be just what you need to gain new readers and increase engagement.


1. Create Video Content– It doesn’t take much to give readers a break from text only posts.  If you have a camera, some knowledge of editing and a good idea and you are on your way.  One study has found that videos are shared 12 times more than text and links combined.  If a video is too much to handle right now, you can go visual with still pictures that relate to your topic.


2. Interview a Person of Interest– If the interview takes place on camera, or if it is audio only, the back and forth of a question and answer session can pique your readers’ interest. Consider interviewing an interesting employee of your business, maybe the employee of the month.  Contact a satisfied customer.  Ask if they would be willing to be interviewed about their experience with your company.  Use the questions you ask them to draw out why they like your company so much.


3. Use an occasional guest Blogger– There may be a talented writer amongst your readers. Give them an opportunity to give their views at times.  If they are a regular reader of your company’s blog, they may well have unique insights to share.  Whether they include praise or constructive criticism, the words of a follower can be a valuable asset to your blog.


As you seek to entice more readers to your company’s blog, the key will always be providing quality content on a consistent basis.  However, it will help to inject some variety into that quality.


Have you used any of the above ideas in your company’s blog?  Share your experience in a comment.



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