Twitter Adds Vine To List of Latest Apps

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Last Thursday, Twitter launched its latest app, Vine and they calling it the “newest way to share video.” But what exactly does it do and how could this help marketing? We’ve done some research and here is what we’ve found.

What Is It?

Vine is similar to Twitter in that it lives off abbreviated versions of media. The app lets the user take about six seconds of video and then loops it to create a continuous video.  As Twitter’s blog states, “the brevity of the videos inspire creativity.” Simply connect to your Twitter account and you are ready to start making your own videos. You can share them not only via Vine and Twitter, but also on Facebook. As you can see from this example, the posts are to the point and give just enough time to explain a little bit about what’s new in your part of the world.

How Can It Help Me?

Like all new apps, marketers are currently looking for ways to use Vine to their benefit. released an article talking about the best PR and marketing uses for Vine. They suggest thinking of Vine as a six second elevator pitch to your customers. Think of the video as a way to give your audience a behind the scenes look of the company or a quick product demo. If you would like some real life examples, take a look at this article from Mashable about brands that are already using Vine.


If you have used Vine, let us know about your experience in comment below.




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