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Refuge Group would like to introduce our intern – Ann Nguyen. Ann’s childhood included periodically living like gypsies because of her parent’s jobs, which required them to move around. Dallas was her birthplace, but she has lived in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin, Georgia and Montana. Ann mostly grew up on the island of Galveston, TX.  Now settled into Houston after six years, her life continues with career goals, college, interning and working two jobs.

The moving experiences has incorporated itself into her adulthood life now -having almost 22 years of traveling under her belt –  it is a part of Ann’s past and current life. Ann is a travel enthusiast and enjoys photography, playing the guitar and piano, cooking, hanging out with friends, practicing meditation at home and collecting chakras (mind and body healing crystals) to use them to mediate. Ann believes that the energy keeps her positive and helps keep a peaceful mind. Ann also enjoys blogging! Her first blog was published when she was thirteen-years-old during Xanga and Live journal days.  What did she blog about at thirteen? Bands, music, school and small trips with the family.

Ann is a Mass Communications major because she feels that there are very broad opportunities in communications and people are not limited to only one career, but multiple! Ann believes that a person must work hard and that being passionate with the right personality can work in favor for anybody.

Ann continues to pursue her goals academically, as she feels there is not a specific title or job that she wants to be. There  is still an unclear, but greater vision that she hoping to work for in the long term – whether she ends up being a public relations manager, interior consultant, human rights advocator or work in the corporate world. Welcome to the team Ann!


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