Which Is The Most Successful Marketing Tactic?

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Imagining this scenario may be difficult for some people, but we believe there’s a lot to be learned from reality T.V. No, really. If you take a moment to dissect what lays behind their overwhelming success, the basic principles don’t stray too far from what generally determines and defines success.

Faith in the product, ample amounts of self-confidence and an intimate understanding of human behavior go a long way in creating marketing campaigns that leave strong impressions for a long time.

How do we make it happen? If there’s anything Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has shown us, it’s that people love people who conquer seemingly insurmountable odds. Who doesn’t love a good journey story?

And there are more common elements than not between all the stories that make them so memorable.

Reflect and Retrospect Audience’s love being able to delve into the psyche of their producers. It’s a way to feel closer and more connected through a one-dimensional medium. And it’s a good lesson to take away from reality TV. Show the process of evolution –either your company or your product’s – to your customers, especially if you’ve achieved any success from the process. If you’re willing to share how you’ve overcome your obstacles, chances are you’ll be connecting with your target audience a lot faster. We all need something to aspire to and be inspired from.

Be Memorable It’s a wide umbrella. Being memorable can entail any number of characteristics – being flashy, communicating flair, taking risks and in certain cases, taking a risk big enough that many people will consider offensive. But when was the last time you could instantly recall a product or a campaign that didn’t have a razor-sharp edge?

Strut a Little. Strut a Lot. We’ll say it without any qualms – confidence is sexy. And if you’ve had a string of successes in the past, it’s perfectly fine to step back, reflect and toot your own horn for yourself. Because really, if you can’t believe in what you have to offer, how will anyone else?

Share with us what you’ve found to be a common thread or a memorable nugget from your observances of reality television. Do you think there’s more than meets the eye?


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