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A blog can be a wonderful thing for your business.  Unlike platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, whose formats, while very useful,  necessitate truncated messages, a blog allows your business to communicate with its audience in a more complete manner.


If your business is just starting its blog, or if it has been blogging for awhile, we have a few tips that will help make your offerings more helpful to your audience.


1. Strategize


It’s best to know what you are trying to accomplish and how you are going to go about it before you start your blog. Actually, experts recommend not starting a blog if you aren’t going to be able to create enough content to keep it current.


If you can keep your blog updated consistently, plan ahead, so that you provide readers with timely material.  Know what you want to accomplish with your blog posts and create with this goal in mind.


2. Use Hyperlinks


By linking to other sites, you accomplish at least two things.  First, you give due credit to the source from which you got your information.  Second, you give your business an opportunity to expand its connections within the industry.


3. Multiply the Media


It is a good idea to augment your well-written words with other types of information.  Hold onto the short attention spans of your readers by giving them other items of interest.  Embedding pertinent videos, images or audio are a few examples of this useful practice.


4. Interact


Your blog can be a great way to engage your audience, encourage communication and build community.  Take the time to respond to positive and negative comments on your blog.  This investment will help your business build rapport with various stakeholders in your industry’s online community.

How has your company used its blog to build its relationship with its audience? Share in a comment below.


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