10 Reasons You Should Hire a Marketing Consultant

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According to the SBA, there are over 31.7 million small businesses in the United States.

With so many businesses, it can be difficult to stand out amidst all the competition. That’s why your business may need the assistance of a marketing consultant.

A marketing consultant can help with a wide variety of things to do with your business. From building brand awareness to improving your rankings in organic search, a digital marketing agency can do it all.

Keep reading to learn ten reasons why you should outsource your small business marketing.

1. Increase Lead Generation

Each month, over 543,000 new businesses form.

To compete with all these new businesses that pop up every month, you need to have effective lead generation. A marketing consultant can help develop an inbound marketing strategy for your business, whether this is through content marketing or email marketing.

There is a myriad of steps that go into building lead generation that works well.

First, customers need to discover your business. They do this through a variety of marketing channels, such as your blog, website, or maybe social media.

From there, the visitor needs to be prompted by a call-to-action (CTA) to click on a link. The CTA then directs the visitor to a custom landing page. This landing page often asks the visitor to input information, such as an email.

A lot of work goes into crafting each of these steps to make them as compelling as possible to visitors. This is why the expertise of a marketing consultant is so invaluable. Professionals in their field, a marketing consultant will understand all the inner workings of how to ensure visitors follow through and become solid leads for your business.

2. Content Marketing

If you’re struggling to provide new content for your business website, then a marketing consultant can help. To remain competitive, it’s essential to have high-quality content for your website that will attract visitors.

In addition to writing high-quality content, you must also have solid keyword research. Keywords are vital to helping articles rank in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Most marketing consultants will use a mix of both long-tail and primary keywords to help ensure the article achieves a high ranking.

After that, articles must also reach a certain length to be considered authoritative. The best content pieces that rank on the first page of Google are 1,000 words and over. Not everyone is skilled at writing long content pieces and this is where a digital marketing agency can shine as they often have several writers on staff.

3. Tracking Metrics

In order to create a successful marketing strategy, you need to research and track analytics. This requires a certain understanding of the different types of metrics to use and the tools needed to track them. A marketing consultant will have the expertise required to compile and track this data for you.

4. Brand Awareness

Are you struggling to get your business website up? Do you have a distaste for social media? Are you strapped for time?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then a marketing consultant can assist you. There’s a massive amount of work that goes into maintaining a website, updating social media profiles, managing email marketing, and more. By outsourcing this work to a marketing consultant, your time is freed up to deal with other important matters.

5. Marketing Strategy

Every business needs to have a marketing strategy in place that handles both short-term and long-term goals. If you don’t have the time to research your competitors, establish a baseline of your business metrics, and more, then allow a marketing consultant to help.

In order for a marketing strategy to be successful, it must be grounded in research and within the realm of reality for your business. You need to discover important factors like who your ideal client is, how you are different from the competition and much more.

A skilled marketing consultant will help create a marketing strategy for your business that will enable it to build momentum. The marketing strategy must always come first before any objectives are implemented.

6. Converting Leads

If your business isn’t converting leads into sales, then profits will suffer. There can be a number of reasons why you aren’t converting your leads. A marketing consultant will be able to pinpoint the exact reason why.

7. Lack of Digital Marketing Experience

If you don’t have an in-house team that understands digital marketing, then you’ll want to hire a marketing consultant. The field of digital marketing is broad. Things like copywriting, content marketing, SEO, graphic design, website development, and so much more all fall underneath the umbrella of digital marketing.

8. No Digital Marketing Tools

Even if you have a few employees who know the basics of digital marketing, you still need the necessary tools. There are a variety of marketing tools out there and most of them require a paid subscription. In most cases, you’ll save money by hiring an outside marketing consultant instead of trying to buy all the tools needed to get started.

9. Need Fresh Ideas

If you’re struggling to generate new ideas for content pieces or how to redesign your website, fear not. A marketing consultant can also help with all of these things too. An outside marketing consultant can help offer new ideas to reinvigorate your business.

10. Resource Gaps

Whether it’s time, people, budget, or something else, sometimes you lack the needed resources to help improve your business in a certain aspect. That’s one of the many benefits of outsourcing to a marketing consultant. Oftentimes, you can save money by allowing the marketing consultant to assist with productivity.

A Marketing Consultant Will Help Grow Your Business

If you’re in need of a marketing consultant for your small business, then consider hiring REFUGE Marketing & Consulting. We are a Houston SEO agency that’s been around since 2009. We believe in helping small businesses with their digital marketing so that their owners have time to worry about other things.

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