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In a world where content that has too many words ends up being tossed aside, it’s becoming more difficult to create engaging content that slices through all the words while still being a healthy balance of information and pictures. Infographics have become powerful tools used by companies, customers, and the public. These are especially important when it comes to branding and creating creative content.




No training is needed and this site has templates for putting together infographics with haste. It can be used for free to quickly and easily illustrate a business process or show how a small company is structured.  The site also demonstrates what type of infographic to use for different purposes. There is an option that allows you to upgrade and pay extra for a professional infographic customized for your brand or you could even negotiate for an interactive one!




This site is easy to use because it allows you to create or embed your infographic, charts wherever you like. With Infogr.am, you can import Excel data and add Vimeo or YouTube videos to make engaging graphics, which are always eye-catching!  By making engaging graphics, you increase traffic to your website with creative content that’s easy to interpret and read by your audience. What makes their site different and in the top five is the ability to create interactive infographics that can engage your audience further.




Almost 150,000 visuals have been created with Easel.ly, which has well-designed starter templates. With a lot of Easel.ly’s users it’s quite simple to get inspired as well as learn how to make your infographic more relevant and engaging to your audience by creating infographics and sharing video as well as template ideas. Though the free membership only comes with a few free templates, its user-friendly interface helped bring this site into the top five.




Another site, PiktoChart.com, offers a starter set of six templates for free, but begins to charge for any templates not included in the six free templates. A pro account includes more than 100 templates and more than 1,000 icons and images to use in your graphics This site offers services that can help you make an infographic to represent your brand. With simple and clean design, the site is able to assist and advise users how to create a story in their graphics.




This site won a startup accelerator award at SXSW in March of 2013. This service allows its users to customize an entire page with graphics, headlines and charts. The site is easy to register on and makes a smooth transition for users to get started building their infographic. Though it is mostly for information with charts and data rather than pictures and content, its user-friendly aspects and ability for the user to create a polished infographic puts this site in the top five.


Whether you want to pay for the service or find a free template, these five sites can make that content you’re trying to share with your audience more engaging and easier to read.

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