7 Social Media Management Tricks That’ll Save You Time & Money

Social Media Management strategies

Social media marketing has come a long way, from a discretionary splurge to vital business investment.

The only problem is nobody has money to burn. In fact, being frugal is imperative for most entrepreneurs and marketers. They have to translate the immense social buzz into tangible business results.

What is more, the goal is to do it without breaking the bank or too much sweat.

Social media management is the best way to go about these priorities. It hinges on a set of best practices geared toward growing your audience and driving engagement.

Although management tends to be a full-time commitment, there are some tricks to make your life easier. So, without further ado, let’s get down to business.

Here is how to get the best value out of your social real estate.

1. Quality-First Approach

A clear focus on content quality decreases the likelihood of squandering resources.

You’re more likely to dedicate your attention and money to where they will make a true impact. What is more, quality is the key to standing out in an overcrowded landscape.

If you favor mere quantity, you risk getting snowed under an avalanche of more relevant posts. On the other hand, quality content that educated and entertains spurs way more engagement and social signals.

You can supercharge this tactic by covering trending topics and tapping into emerging trends. You’ll improve your brand image and stay on top of people’s minds.

2. Figure Out the Optimal Posting Frequency

This isn’t to say quantity is of little importance.

You do want to post on a regular basis in order to maintain visibility and keep your followers hooked.  Data should inform your decisions on how often and when to post. The right frequency depends on the particular platform you’re using, as well as your target audience.

Note that there are also a few tricks to ponder here.

For instance, you can repost your content a few times, sprucing it up slightly every time. Also, ponder user-generated content if you lack fresh material. These are the two main ways to maintain a busy calendar and save resources at the same time.

3. Performance-Based Budgeting

Pursuing intangible and less-than-quantifiable metrics (such as brand awareness) can be dicey.

You’re better off tailoring the budget to platform performance. In other words, use return on investment (ROI) as your primary key performance indicator (KPI). It refers to how much value you’re able to generate with your marketing spend.

To solve the equation, you can compare (estimated) costs and profits of each social platform. Then, you rank them in order of cost-effectiveness and allocate your investment accordingly.

Replicate this formula to establish what parts of your strategy under-perform or yield desired results. Pay attention to the entire marketing funnel and consumer journey of the audience.

4. Limit your Social Media Accounts

One of the most common mistakes newcomers make is they stretch themselves too thin.

To avoid this pitfall, pick one or two platforms and put all your effort there.  In general, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are a must-consider. But, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.

Twitter is a gold mine of influencer marketing on social media. Pinterest and Instagram suit brands that want to showcase their visual content. Facebook attracts all demographics and age groups, so it may not be ideal for precision targeting.

The bottom line is you have to analyze data to make the right call. Investigate where your potential customers spend their time and get in front of them.

5. Maximize Platform Resources

The next order of business is to make the most of platform-specific assets.

For example, effective Twitter management requires you to use hashtags strategically. Mention the people that matter to you in each and every post. See to it the hashtags are topic-related and easy to pronounce and spell.

Notice you can also track your hashtags via keyword alerts and take part in related conversations.

Moving on, harness the full power of visual assets like images. They are a powerful magnet for social signals. You can reduce the risk of your posts flying under the radar and turning out to be a waste of resources.

You’ll spur attention, boost engagement rates, and enjoy a steady stream of traffic.

6. Carry Out Marketing Automaton

Social media automation has changed the marketing game for good.

It allowed brands to handle various technical processes such as scheduling and posting.  When it comes to scheduling in advance, do it for event, blog, and holiday promotions. It also makes sense to automate any post that you know isn’t going to change down the road.

The benefits of this smart strategy are evident. You don’t have to meddle with tedious tasks tied to the maintenance of your accounts. You’ll gain more time for strategic planning and interactions with your followers.

So, do yourself a favor. Shop around for the automation tool that meets your business needs.

7. Social Monitoring for Good Measure

In the world of social media, nothing is set in stone.

You have to use analytics to keep your fingers on the pulse of the target audience. Apart from the aforementioned ROI, monitor other KPIs. We would highlight the number of clicks, reach, volume, and engagement.

Produce regular analytics reports and act on the insights. React to shifts in audience behavior and preferences. Readjust your marketing strategy on the fly.

Always stay aware of what your competition is doing.

Complacent isn’t an option, not even when everything seems to be going swell. Yes, we know ongoing monitoring is a resource-intensive endeavor, but it pays dividends in the long run.  

Getting to the Next Level with Social Media Management

Social media management gives you a chance to hit your goals without blowing the budget.  

To make the frugal magic happen, do the following. Prioritize consistent content quality and become a go-to source of information and entertainment. Rely on relevant data and metrics to make educated decisions and automate key processes.

You’ll free up your schedule and have more time for strategic and creative tasks. Not only that, but you should be able to maximize your ROI and overshadow the competition.

Check out the rest of our blog to acquire more expert insights. It’s time to kick your social game into overdrive.

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