Branding Strategies: Creating “Staying Power”

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A brand isn’t just an identity. And it isn’t just the image that you’re most often recognized by. A brand is also a statement of the relationship and the trust, or the lack thereof, which you or your company have established with your clientele. Your brand carries with it the weight of your customers’ expectations and the quality you’re willing to provide to your audience – both of which are reasonable expectations.
Quality being a very important keyword. In a world of ubiquitous advertising and plentiful choices available for consumers, the quality and the value a brand carries with it makes stand apart. However, quite a few more factors go into building a brand’s staying power, not the least of which are engagement with consumers and a willful offering of transparency and authenticity.
1. Engagement

People are hyper-connected, and for serious consumers, social media portals are the fastest venue to find referrals. The time you’ve spent engaging your clientele, answering their queries honestly and generating good will among them is self-evident on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. And believe us, people are watching and listening.
2. Put Your Money Where Your Values Are

Building a relationship with your clientele requires an investment of time with equal parts ethical decisions that reflect your target audience’s strongest values. For instance, nothing says “sell-out” better than selling organic or recyclable products at a chain of stores that pays no attention to the environment or to consumer health.
A great motto or a tag line beneath your brand logo can convey a snapshot image of the essence of your company’s values, but your consumers need to see those values translated into action. Every day.
3. Create a Uniquely “You” Experience
Brands like Houston’s very own Cabinets & Designs don’t just offer a wide variety of products and services. They also make it a point to offer an experience that has become synonymous with high quality products, customized designs for their clients and a great attention to detail.
For a company established in 1972, being alive almost 40 years later with a proven track record of high quality and customer care is a testament to the value associated with their brand. And an experience that is uniquely “them”.
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