Introducing Cindy Mendoza

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Living the suburgatory life has made Cindy Mendoza a variety of things. She is the punk rocker, orchestra lover, shoe crazed, girly-flare-dresses wearing, green and yellow loving, country music loving, technology dated, hip-hop loving type of girl. Being raised between the City of Houston and the suburban City of Sugar Land has made Cindy love most of the city life and most of the country, woodsy life. She’ll go horseback riding with friends one day and the next be in the city to have an adventure to try out different things.


Cindy loves Houston because there is always something to do, to eat, to see, something to hear and to love. She can have Indian cuisine one day and southern Texas BBQ the next. Houston is very busy and lively, but traffic is a contrary feeling;the traffic is the only thing Cindy can complain about.


Whenever she wants to get away, Cindy likes to go to the quiet parts of SugarLand where it’s woodsy, calm and relaxing. Cindy loves to go to the town center when they have country nights so she can two-step and line dance. Cindy also lovesthat Sugar Land supports their local businesses.


Cindy has always been fascinated with music and is able to play the guitar, violin, viola and cello. She does not have a favorite, but instead listens to music based on her mood. Some she will listen to Irish rock while at an Irish pub and other times she will enjoy salsa on a dancing nights. Another love of Cindy’s is fashion. She often feels like she doesn’t have enough to clothes to express herself. Cindyloves to shop, specifically for shoes.


In her off time, she likes spending time with her family to watch American football. Family is always first to her; she has two brothers and one sister. Her family gets together every Sunday, as that is family day to them. Her mom is the center of everything, she like to be the boss, her older brother is always trying to guide them for cool things, and her younger brother is the clown of the family. Their father passed away when she was young, and that tragedy just made them even closer. Cindy always get so excited for September because she is true a Houston Texans fan and goes for them no matter what kind of season they are having. Another favorite team of Cindy’s are the Green Bay Packers because they work together as a team. Cindy watches all of the Texans’ and Packers’ games religiously.

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