Introducing Kendall Popelsky

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It started out as a dream of a child born and raised in Houston, Texas. Kendall was born to two hardworking parents, Gary and Clarissa Popelsky, and she was also the second oldest of four. Kendall showed a passion for writing and creativity ever since she learned to read at an early age. She spent her primary and secondary years in the Cy-Fair school system and eventually received her high school diploma from Cypress Falls High School in 2009 with her concentration in Journalism. She spent her final semester of her senior year putting together her portfolio for JEA’s competition for Journalist of the Year 2009. Kendall received second place and a $1000 scholarship.


She then decided to attend Texas Tech University to pursue a communications degree with a minor in English. She received her bachelor’s degree in December of 2013. The course that cemented her passion for marketing and social media was a global communications class taught by a Professor Kent Wilkinson. Kendall says that the  “dissemination of media to the masses fascinated her with the power she held in her hands, the ability to communicate to the common people via any social medium, with just her cell phone.”


Kendall spent a majority of her college career working at least two jobs to help pay her way and decrease her student loan debt, all while going to school full time. She spent some time volunteering for Habitat for Humanity and Ronald McDonald house in the City of Lubbock.  She took in a stray dog, a Beagle-Whippet mix, named Bailey and raised her from a pup, as well as rehabbed her after a car accident. She now has full function of her left leg and, if anything, has more zest for life.


In her free time, Kendall enjoys riding her long board, alone or with friends, reading, writing poems and short stories, exercising, and playing all sports that do not use a softball. Her favorite social media platform is a tie between Instagram and Soundcloud. This fall Kendall is hoping to learn more about social media marketing and advertising to broaden her experience and get a job more tailored to her degree.

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