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Online marketing is such a necessity by today’s standards that it can give any company a great image for using resources such as social media. Entities like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest can greatly benefit a company if the marketers and/or advertisers do it correctly. Honestly, it’s free promotion. What more could a company ask for?


 Our entire society depends so heavily on technology and going online that it’s only going to increase as time passes. Marketing through social media is a great way for a company to familiarize itself with its consumers; such as the consumer’s likes and dislikes about the products or services. Not utilizing social media marketing can prove to be a crucial mistake.

Marketing online is no walk in the park though. It’s a constant battle of staying up to date and current with the particular industry a company may be in. It’s about finding new and different ways of staying important and relevant to the consumer. A company can no longer rely traditional marketing, take it online or get left behind; and this is where REFUGE Marketing comes in.


 Overall, the pros definitely outweigh the cons when it comes to online marketing. Even if a company doesn’t believe in marketing through social media, it wouldn’t hurt to open up a Twitter account or make a Facebook page. But, in reality, social media marketing is only going to play a more prominent role in the future for marketers everywhere.


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