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Mobile adoption isn’t a new trend. Not since the advent of cell phones a decade and a half ago. And in the past few years, mobile technology has propelled itself forward with leaps and bounds, and if you own any kind of a smart phone, then you’re tuned into this change.


The change is stemming from the way people are now consuming their media; if it’s not a pocket screen, then it’s a tablet. But it’s all instantaneous and prêt-a-porter.
The proof is in the numbers pudding, really, especially since advertisers are beginning to realize the potential that mobility and sharing now carry. As people walk around with more smart phones (1.6 billion units sold worldwide in 2010), they perform searches, find information faster and communicate with thumb-clicks of buttons.
Preferences for communication are changing – tablets over laptops, mobile coupons over printed Groupon’s, even QR codes over long URL’s.
With 2011 now in its 3rd quarter, we’re all well past the point of talking about early adoption and readiness for trends. But the fact remains that some businesses and small-business owners are still debating the usefulness of mobile technology to position themselves with their target markets.
But how does mobility and sharing translate to usability? Or even wide adoption? Short answer: by tapping into existing social media platforms and offering a way for consumers to curate and share their preferences more easily with their networks.
Says Alexandre Mars, CEO of Phonevalley: “The brands that are winning the mobility race are investing in new currencies like utility, social and hyper-localization.” No surprises there.  The only surprise is the rate at which adoption of mobile technology is still moving, especially by marketers.
The YouTube video below encapsulates the trends to gear up for before the end of the year, some of which we’ve covered in our previous posts.
Video Link: Mobile Trends 2011
How have you adapted or changed your marketing techniques for greater mobility? Leave us a comment to let us know!



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