Social Media Marketing Tips From the Experts

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Social Media Examiner recently gathered a list of social media marketing tips from 21 experts in the field.  Their list is extensive, and it sheds light on various aspects. However for your convenience, here are some of the highlights of post.


Focus on getting attention first– First and foremost, it’s about getting people to take that extra millisecond to lean in and listen to what you are saying. Focus on headline writing and visual storytelling to catch their ears and eyes.


Become the wikipedia of your industry– If you are a true go-to source for information about a certain topic readers will come back to you again and again for answers.  Who knows? They may even send their teacher an apple.


Ask your audience anything–  If you have a question about what might work for your business, ask your audience.  If you give them permission to speak, they will engage.


Listen first, listen often– When your audience engages in response to you, be ready to listen to everything they say. Keeping your “ears” is a great way to empower your business with information about what customers really  want.


Create Your Voice– It is essential to your company’s social media presence to have a voice that shares something of value in the social media community. Those who blog relevant and shareable content to their social media community will reap benefits.


Have you tried any of these social media tips?  Do you have a successful one of you own?  Share your experience with us in a comment below.


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