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By Vlad Vidaeff

Do you not have the time to maintain active social media profiles?  Are you overwhelmed by the seemingly endless list of social media platforms?  Are you unsure about how to tailor your content to each platform and how to increase your following as well as the effectiveness of your posts?  The REFUGE Group offers advanced social media services customized to your specific business.  This blog will explore some of REFUGE’s offerings which fall under the social media umbrella.

Maintaining effective social media platforms today requires an intricate knowledge of social media best practices.  While Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are established players, other platforms have received a foothold in recent years including Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat.  All three of these platforms are similar as they are visual in nature.  Snapchat in particular has gained an impressive following with millennials and younger generations.  Even the king of the castle, Facebook, often changes its algorithm.  As a result, it is essential to tailor your content to the specific platform while updating your social media strategy periodically as new features are introduced and new platforms emerge.

At The REFUGE Group, before managing your social media mix, we make recommendations concerning which social media platforms to focus on given your company, the industry you compete in, and your goals.  After the optimal mix has been established, we decide on the number of daily posts to maximize your effectiveness on each platform.  We are comfortable both launching accounts and taking over existing accounts.  In addition, we have expertise in both growing your profiles organically and through paid advertising.  On the organic side, we schedule your posts to be published at peak points of the day, create visually-appealing content, and tailor the headline using proper grammar and inviting headlines to increase your engagement.  Paid posts, or promoted posts, on the other hand, are a way to increase the number of your fans or followers or to reach a much larger group of targeted individuals in a quick and efficient manner.  Promoted posts are particularly effective for marketing campaigns and for event-based marketing.  Facebook’s algorithm encourages brands to use paid advertising to ensure that your content is being seen by a large percentage of your target market.  Paid advertising is affordable as you can set daily limits and target your posts to specific geographic markets, demographics, and interests.

Part of what makes social media so interesting is the blending of creative and analytical elements.  Crafting engaging and visually appealing posts as described above covers the creative element.  However, the analytical element is just as important.  It is necessary to analyze social media metrics on a weekly basis to judge the effectiveness of your social media strategy.  Are your posts resonating with your fans and followers?  Is your content bringing people to your website?  Are you increasing your brand awareness?  And are you meeting or making significant progress towards all of the other goals that you have set?  The REFUGE Group keeps a close eye on analytics by creating weekly and monthly reports that touch on website traffic and social media metrics.  These reports not only compile data, but also analyze the numbers to draw patterns and conclusions based on the metrics.  This information is especially useful to our clients in influencing their marketing campaigns and strategy.  For more information on our analytics services, read our blog on the topic.

If you are interested in our social media services, please e-mail us at [email protected] or call us at (713) 528-0200.  We are looking forward to speaking to you in more depth about the social media services we provide and how they can benefit your company.  As social media continues to evolve and innovate, don’t be left behind!


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