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Marketers can be annoying people. Don’t you think it’s true? With all the buzzwords, hard-sells and arm twisting that goes around, it’s a wonder that people don’t retaliate in frustration.
As a marketing agency, we want to cater to your audiences’ needs and help you expand your profit margins, and we make every effort towards those goals. But there is such a thing as overkill. And really, who wants to be that guy? The one who’s always in your face telling you what to do.
We certainly don’t. Frankly, we think our field is peppered with overused terms and phrases that don’t help as much as they make our eyes roll and our lungs sigh. Remember thinking outside the box? Or marketing coup? Anybody looking for team players or movers & shakers?
We attempted to compile a list of our favorite eye-rollers. Bear with us. We were growing our wings trying to break out of the box.
1. Artisan The dictionary definition of artisan? “A worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand.” In the race for the heart of the micro-niche consumer driven by a love for all things organic, the world “artisan” gets dropped like pine cones in New England.
Artisan breads are mushrooming in stores everywhere; artisan chocolates are sold out of Godiva storefronts; artisan coffee makers and artisan soda makers are gaining popularity every day; which inherently takes away the meaning from the word. If everything is artisan, then nothing is.
2. Web Two Point Oh It’s faster, has better design, has higher connectivity and is more social. We get it. Let’s move on.
3. Abbreviations SMM. SME. SEO. ROI. PPC. They’re everywhere and now we’re not likely to find a conversation that can take place without sleek abbreviations being dropped into the conversation.
Marketing Today released a list of buzzwords that have had their moment in the sun but are now dropping out of the vernacular. And not a moment too soon!
Some of our favorites: At the end of the day; Metrics; Win-Win; Paradigm.
Do you have a list you’ve been keeping? Share it with us!


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