How Much Klout Do You Have?

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Because there weren’t enough social media channels and antics to keep track of, we’re going to tell you about another one. As their site, very boldly, declares, Klout is the Standard for Influence. How does it work? Klout pools together your conversations and interactions on your social media channels and determines, on a scale of 1 – 100, how wide your spheres of influence are.
If you don’t know what your Klout score is, finding out about it involves a fairly simple sign-up process. You fill in your details using your Twitter or Facebook account, answer a few questions and presto, you have a Klout score on hand. The higher your score, the higher your Klout – or social media presence and influence.
Getting Better At It
How do you end up with a high Klout score? You build it, just the way you’d build any network, physical or virtual. The key lies in communication, really, and letting go of any control you’d like to wield. To be liked, you have to be likable. And ease up on the aggressive marketing techniques.
How To
1. Interact with everyone. Don’t be afraid to begin conversations with people who have low Klout scores. It increases score rankings of all parties involved.
2. Content, content, content! Make your own, borrow from someone else, link, re-link and repost good content. Because nothing takes its place if it’s good quality.
Consider any of these for good content: niche posts, photographs and videos. Nothing says “engagement” like pictures that inspire humor, laughter and wit.
3. Engage with Influencers without stalking them or posting links to their account with annoying frequency. They’ll listen and re-engage with you, and up goes your Klout score.
4. Persistence & Perseverance pay well in the long run. Yes, we’re in an age of click-button communication and instant statistics are great to have. But it’s important to remember that relationships develop over time – not overnight.



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