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8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency in Houston By REFUGE Team

Posted on July 27th, 2020 Categories: Uncategorized

Digital marketing is no longer an option. But should you handle digital marketing on your own? For best results, many brands are partnering with a digital marketing agency. But no two agencies are the same, and it can be difficult to separate the quality agencies from the less-than-perfect ones. If you’re on the hunt for a digital marketing company, you can start by asking a prospective agency a few simple questions. If you’re in the process of talking to agencies, here are 8 questions to ask. 1. Will You Work With Me to Achieve My Company’s Goals? Your digital marketing (more…)

6 Local SEO Tips That Allow You to Dominate Your Niche By REFUGE Team

Posted on July 7th, 2020 Categories: Uncategorized

Are you optimizing your business's local SEO? Boosting your local SEO rankings can help you gain profits by putting your business in front of tons of potential customers in your area.  To get more website traffic while generating leads that can become profitable conversions, keep reading. In this guide, we'll cover some tips and tricks that can help you take your business to the next level. Stand out from others in your niche by trying these techniques today.  1. Make Sure You Have a Google My Business Account  Do you have a Google My Business account? If not, you should (more…)

7 Key Tips for Successful SEO Marketing for Small Businesses By REFUGE Team

Posted on February 17th, 2020 Categories: Uncategorized

Are you managing a small business? Do you wish to increase brand awareness among your target market? Then you need to work on your search engine optimization (SEO).  SEO involves your website’s rankings in Google and other leading search engines. Moreover, 93% of online activities begin in these search engines. Thus, incorporating SEO in your strategies is a must if you wish to expand your reach and influence. SEO marketing is one of the most important forms of digital marketing. But how exactly do you employ effective SEO marketing for small businesses? What are the essential aspects you need to (more…)

Jordan Suresky: A Life-Long Cultural Journal By REFUGE Team

Posted on February 6th, 2015 Categories: Interns, Interns, Refuge, Uncategorized

My cultural journey began in Atlanta, GA where I grew up. Although, I grew up in this city for all of my childhood before moving on to South Florida for undergraduate degree at Lynn University. I also have grown to have an international perspective on most topics. This is because I attended an international school during throughout all of high school. Here, I was surrounded by an abundance of students who were from a different country or at least lived in one before coming here. It was the best environment for me as I now have friends in several countries (more…)

Closer Look: Apple’s Marketing Strategy By REFUGE Team

Posted on July 30th, 2014 Categories: Uncategorized

Apple made a press release yesterday announcing that they have updated the 13 and 15-inch notebooks, which is great news to say the least. These improvements include more battery life and better performance. Apple has also increased the memory of the 13-inch notebook to 8 GB from 4 GB and from 8GB to 16GB on the 15-inch notebook – that is double the memory!   With the new announcement from Apple on the recent updates, we have decided to take a deeper look at Apple’s marketing and how they manage to juggle everything. Let’s go through some of the factors (more…)

Movie Marketing: A Lesson From the Best By REFUGE Team

Posted on July 23rd, 2014 Categories: Uncategorized

What does it take for a film to earn the title of “summer blockbuster?” Well, some factors are a given, like having a big celebrity cast and a good script, but wait, there’s more! How a film is marketed can have a huge impact on how profitable it is in the box office. Now we’re going to look at 3 of this summer’s biggest blockbusters marketing campaigns:   Maleficent Angelina Jolie is one of the biggest celebrities in the world, and according to, her last on-screen performance was in 2010 with The Tourist, so of course there is going (more…)

Snapchat and Your Business By REFUGE Team

Posted on June 18th, 2014 Categories: Uncategorized

There are millions of people sharing photos or videos, otherwise known as “snaps”, with their friends on a day-to-day basis with the use of the newest social tool on the market called Snapchat. It has been catching the attention of people and companies across the nation, including the infamous Facebook who wanted to buy it for a mere $3 billion. With so many users on Snapchat every day, it has been hard for businesses to continue turning their head from this social tool, but instead businesses are now running to their marketing teams for ideas on how they can utilize (more…)

Deadlines & Meeting Them By REFUGE Team

Posted on September 25th, 2013 Categories: communication, Interns, Linkedin, Media Planning, Personality, Uncategorized

You, the person next to you and the stranger over there all have deadlines. There is no one in today’s society that doesn’t have some sort of deadline. There are a variety of methods of going about completing deadlines. Here are some practical and do-able tips on never missing any more deadlines and even finishing early. Create A Start & End Dates: Write or input tasks and deadlines into a planner or digital calendar. This creates a clear picture for a visual timeframe. Keep your planner or calendar out into plane view so that you will be reminded of your (more…)

Spring Has Come, and So Will the Fruit of Your Social Media Labors By Tiffany Tosh

Posted on March 20th, 2013 Categories: Social Media, Uncategorized

If you are feeling skeptical that your social media efforts are having any effect, a recent post by Stephanie Chandler for assures you that they certainly are.  While building momentum with social media is not an overnight proposition, Chandler highlights the hidden impact social media campaigns have for businesses. As a supplement to Chandler’s article, the following (based on the article) is a poem of encouragement for those social media marketers wondering when they will see the fruits of their labors.   Spring Has Come, and So will the Fruit of Your Social Media Labors Let people know your (more…)

From Our Forum To Yours: Utilizing Blogs & Forums By Tiffany Tosh

Posted on December 12th, 2012 Categories: Blog, Marketing, Personality, Refuge, Social Engagement, Social Media, Uncategorized

The holidays are a time for sharing with others. One way to share with your customers is to reach out with a blog or forum. These digital discussions will help you engage and interact with your customers and fans.   It’s Your Stage   With a blog or a forum, you choose the topic you want to talk about. You can take your customers behind the scenes of the company or ask them which discontinued product they want to come back. By sharing with your customers, you will not only be promoting your company, but you’ll also be building credibility (more…)