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There’s a new player on the social media field. Well. Perhaps not quite that new, given that celebrities and a few million people (27 million) have signed up for its service, but it’s still not quite at Instagram and YouTube status. So, we’ll call it new.
Meet Viddy, the latest contender for video sharing. In the past few weeks, it has received attention from various news media outlets and there seems to be a little hype building. Mashable has talked about it, Mark Zuckerberg has signed up for it and TechCrunch reported about a $30 million funding deal Viddy just scored.
But what it does do?
We’re flooded with a myriad of options to share information and harnessing all of those technologies. So, with video-sharing services like Vimeo and YouTube that already possess a significant piece of the market share, how different is Viddy’s difference?
Platform and Structures
These are the snapshot details: –
1. Viddy allows users to record videos via their iPhone app. (Other platforms coming soon).
2. Videos are limited to 15 seconds.
3. The app, in a very Instagram fashion, allows people to layer filters for visual effects.
4. The sign-up process is (incredibly!) simple and lives up to its social nature. Sync-ups and log-ons with Facebook and Twitter are included.
5. The app comes with the ability to follow friends via Facebook and Twitter who are already using Viddy.e
6. Record, curate and share videos in a live-stream.
The Finer Details
Great user-interface with clean design, clearly marked tabs and the prerequisite heart-shaped symbol for adding a video to your favorites.
The Verdict
It’s not quite the platform for involved storytelling, but with a $30 million dollar investment, 27 million users and celebrities lining up to find space on the app, we’re looking forward to seeing how far Viddy can go.
Possibly towards the billion dollar brass ring!
Have you Viddy’d yet? Share your 15-second stories with us!


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