When Searches Go Social: The New Facebook Search

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It’s been about a week since Facebook launched its new Graph Search. Now you’re able to find people or companies not only by their name, but also by their interests, things they’ve liked, photos they’ve posted and places they’ve visited. Now the question becomes what can we do as marketers to stay in search results?


Get Organized

Are there some holes on your business page? Have you only filled out the necessary information to create a Facebook page? Well now is the time to start getting descriptive. Be sure to comb through your page and fill out every detail, no matter how insignificant it may seem. As AllFacebook.com says, “if you aren’t categorizing yourself, Facebook will make decisions for you, or you won’t be featured at all.” Since the search is so focused, make sure your page has your company’s physical location as well. That way if someone searches for “jewelry stores my friends like in Houston, TX’, they will find your page.


Say Cheese


When creating posts for your page, think in photos! Try to convey your big two for one anniversary sale in photos of the sale items or old photos from when your store opened rather than just writing about it. When post photos, make sure to fill out the description and tag people only when appropriate.


I Like It


As Bill Faeth, a writer for Business 2 Community, points out, your total number of “likes” will eventually become a way to survive. For example, the person searching for “a shoe store my friends like” to find your store, one of their friends must already like your page. Keep your followers happy by interacting. This could mean creating a weekly contest for your page or having a poll on favorite products. These small posts will help engage your followers and keep them on your Facebook page.

For more information and tips on the Facebook Graph Search, check out this blog on MediaPost.com and this article on MarketingLand.com. If you’ve tried the beta version of the new search, let us know about it in a comment below.



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