Social Media Trends to Watch for in 2014

Posted on December 26th, 2013 by Skye-Lynn Ferch Categories Blog

Social Media2013 was the year for Vine, SnapChat and social analytics. Social media marketing is only going to get bigger in 2014. As year-end approaches we want to give you insight into social media trends to expect next year.


1)    Social Video is set to become a big way to market your brand in 2014. Pew Research published a report that states, “The share of online adults who watch or download videos has also grown from 69% of internet users in 2009 to 78% today, and mobile phones have become a key part of the video viewing and creating experience.” Knowing this, you can upload short videos showcasing your brand. Vine is the perfect app to upload videos. The mobile app is free and it allows you six-seconds to post interesting videos. The six-second limit is long enough to interest fans (so long as the content is interesting) but short enough to prevent boredom. Take a look at these corporate Vine videos for ideas.


2)    Twitter’s popularity is on the rise therefore they unveiled a plan for targeting tweets via zip code. Targeting tweets is great for local businesses. They will be able to engage the zip codes that he or she sells in and will have a better chance of reaching their audience.


3)    Google+ will gain steam in 2014! It has the second highest number of monthly users according to Forbes.  It is becoming an integral part of SEO. Google+ integrates your favorite parts of the social media you’re currently using. You can send group messages, ‘hangout,’ and post public status updates, photos and events.


Staying current in 2014 is all about engaging your fans and followers but recognizing that people are busy. Short messages that convey your point will likely increase your engagement and make you a leader in social media. 




Are You Pinning?

Posted on December 4th, 2013 by Skye-Lynn Ferch Categories Blog

Pinterest LogoPinterest is all the craze when it comes to a favorite past time for people of all ages. If you’re not familiar with pinterest, it is essentially an online pin board where you can pin your favorite items, pictures and DIYs from the web. When a business engages on Pinterest, it is able to draw in customers from all around the world.


The newest feature to roll out from Pinterest is the “Place Pins”, this lets you place a drop pin onto a map. The Place Pin allows you put your address and phone number right on the pin allowing people to find you on the go. When people find a product they like they can easily find the physical location on where to purchase it. This is projected to increase foot traffic for small, local businesses.


To help boost your business on Pinterest, post images of your product or store that are of good quality, along with a catchy caption. Using common keywords within your caption will bring up your pin more often within a search. Keep people interested in your page by pinning relevant things daily. Spend the time to interact and build your presence on Pinterest.


“Help millions of people discover your business and share it with others.” – Pinterest. Businesses are capable of gaining a large amount of recognition by joining the site. Here are some success stories of other business. With the “Link Back” feature, you’re able to link your pin straight back to your website by entering a hyperlink. A business’ presence on Pinterest is a strategic tool that is beneficial to building awareness for  its company.