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Corporate Graffiti: Billboard Marketing By Tiffany Tosh

Posted on October 17th, 2012 Categories: Advertising, Branding, Campaigns, communication, Graphic Design, Marketing

Even when you aren’t looking, they catch your eye. Billboards jump out grab your attention whether you’re sitting in traffic or driving down the freeway. According to AdHitch, 29% of people said that outdoor advertising caused them to visit a store within a week.   Keep It Short and Sweet   When planning what to put on your billboard, remember that people will be driving when they see it. In other words, keep it short. About Advertising suggests keep the length of words at about 6 or less. Since you have to keep your words to a minimum this is (more…)

The Infographic: Your new How-To Friend By Tiffany Tosh

Posted on October 3rd, 2012 Categories: communication, Consumer Engagement, digital media, Graphic Design, Social Media

  These colorful and extremely helpful graphics have burst onto the digital scene explaining and discussing everything from aquatic botany to Twitter to online dating. But exactly what are infographics and why should you use one?   Well, they’re basically images that have graphics and text (includings stats) about a certain topic, place, thing, etc. Since infographics are graphics they be used on any webpage, facebook page, or Twitter, Pinterest post to get your name/company out on any platform. They also lead potential new clients to back to your website.   Now that you have seen the infographic light, it’s (more…)

First Impressions: Business Card Edition By Tiffany Tosh

Posted on September 19th, 2012 Categories: Branding, communication, Graphic Design, Marketing, Personality

The business card have been a staple in the business world since the 17th century when they were used as trade cards for merchants. While they were much smaller back then, they still had the same idea: getting your name and business out into the general public. Here are some items that you should remember when creating your card. When creating your business card, make sure you include all of your contact information. That includes but is not limited to: name, title, company, business address, business phone number with extension (if you have one), cell phone number, email, company website, (more…)

The Right Splash of Color By REFUGE Team

Posted on May 9th, 2012 Categories: Campaigns, Graphic Design, Marketing, Personality, Uncategorized

If you’re trying to launch a sleek, aesthetically compelling campaign, hire yourself a professional graphic designer. Why? Because they’ve been trained in color theory and color placements and know exactly how certain colors are perceived.    Choosing campaign colors is more than just splashing paint across a canvas – it’s a very deliberate choice. Especially because your colors become a strong component of your brand identity and image.  From brochures to TV and print ads and even business cards, you communicate your brand ethos at every step.       Color. Theory?   Not really. Iconic brands have used color (more…)