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Deadlines & Meeting Them By REFUGE Team

Posted on September 25th, 2013 Categories: communication, Interns, Linkedin, Media Planning, Personality, Uncategorized

You, the person next to you and the stranger over there all have deadlines. There is no one in today’s society that doesn’t have some sort of deadline. There are a variety of methods of going about completing deadlines. Here are some practical and do-able tips on never missing any more deadlines and even finishing early. Create A Start & End Dates: Write or input tasks and deadlines into a planner or digital calendar. This creates a clear picture for a visual timeframe. Keep your planner or calendar out into plane view so that you will be reminded of your (more…)

Get Your Brand Message Heard By REFUGE Team

Posted on July 24th, 2013 Categories: Blog, Branding, Personality

It is never too late to learn more about growing your business, especially when it comes to learning how your brand message impacts your consumers. Brand messaging shares a business’ value to consumers with brief, simplified messages about what makes your product or service something they want to buy. Your business’ brand messages can be shared through articles, blogs, advertising, or even social media. Writing with the purpose of communicating the intended brand message can be a challenge, but when done correctly it can be very effective.   Topic with a Purpose   Before you begin writing a brand message, (more…)

Lead Generation By REFUGE Team

Posted on July 10th, 2013 Categories: Blog, Branding, Campaigns, digital media, Facebook, Marketing, Personality, Refuge

Finding leads is manageable, but peaking their interest and maintaining it in regard to your brand proves to be a challenge. Today, buyers have the ability to do their own research before deciding what they want to purchase. With the popularity of the Internet, their resources are unlimited. A new generation of consumers means that businesses need to be increasingly innovative and unique through their online presence in order to find customers that will see the value in your products and/or services.   The new era of educated consumers can actually benefit your business given the right exposure. The question (more…)

Tacos can be Messy and so can Social Media By REFUGE Team

Posted on June 12th, 2013 Categories: Blog, Branding, communication, Customer Service, Facebook, Personality, Social Media

The Incident   These employees really took the company’s old slogan, “Think Outside the Bun,” to a whole new level! Recently, two Taco Bell employees thought it was humorous to post a photo of one of them licking a stack of taco shells and posted it on Facebook, via username “Jj O’Brian Nolan” and Reddit.   That’s the Way the Taco Crumbles   The general public response was not as hilarious as these employees expected. Instead, social media users began to question the cleanliness of Taco Bell’s food and facilities, well if they weren’t already. However, some social media users (more…)

Evernote: the Evermore Promisor By REFUGE Team

Posted on June 5th, 2013 Categories: Blog, Offline, Personality, Social Media

When used correctly, Evernote, will make sure you don’t forget anything ever and, the best part, it’s free. If you are unfamiliar with Evernote, it is a free app that captures anything, anywhere and is easily shared and searchable. In fact, it has grown in five years to 50 million users. You will never want to take notes by hand again.   Evernote allows you to create “notebooks”, save “notes” within notebooks, collect images, videos, links, voice recordings, and even handwritten scribbles. This note-taking app saves websites you want to remember to check out later and share meeting notes with (more…)

Intern Spotlight: Mike Tauser By Tiffany Tosh

Posted on February 6th, 2013 Categories: Blog, communication, digital media, Marketing, Personality, Refuge, Social Media

All of us at the REFUGE Group are excited to bring you another Intern Spotlight. This week, we would like to introduce one of our newest interns, Mike Tauser.   Mike graduated from Marquette University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. When asked why he chose to go there, his top answer was “the campus was a short bus trip from County Stadium, so [he] could still get [his] baseball fix without much difficulty.” As you can see, one of Mike’s greatest interests is baseball and he likes to spend his free time writing for his blog, Farmstros.   The strangest service (more…)

Intern Spotlight: Pauline Alderete By Tiffany Tosh

Posted on January 16th, 2013 Categories: communication, digital media, Interns, Marketing, Personality, Refuge

With the New Year beginning, we have another new intern to introduce to you. Meet Pauline Alderete.   Pauline is currently a junior at the University of Houston. Pauline always makes sure to sport her UH pride on “Cougar Red Fridays.” She thinks “it’s always great to see people around town either wearing red or something UH oriented.” She’s studying to be marketing and management double major in the Bauer Business School. She choose marketing because she wanted to “help others promote their dreams through their business and watch them succeed.”   When asked how do you think social media (more…)

Intern Spotlight: Shanea Johnson By Tiffany Tosh

Posted on January 2nd, 2013 Categories: Blog, Interns, Personality, Refuge

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to one of our new interns here at the REFUGE Group, Bobby Struzick. This week we are delighted to bring you Shanea Johnson.   Shanea comes to us from University of Houston Clear Lake, where she is currently a junior. She hopes to use her Communications degree to work with a company that allows her to socialize with clients. “I want to help someone build their business and be proud of all the work they’ve put it. I would love a job that gives back to the community and makes positive changes,” Shanea (more…)

Intern Spotlight: Bobby Struzick By Tiffany Tosh

Posted on December 19th, 2012 Categories: Blog, Interns, Personality, Refuge

At the REFUGE Group, we’re pretty proud of all our of interns. Our internship program allows us to interact with individuals who feel the same way we do about marketing.  Today, we would like to introduce you to one of our latest additions: Bobby Struzick.   Bobby is a 5th generation Texas A&M Aggie and recently graduated this past August with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration with a Marketing Focus. At A&M, Bobby was a proud member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band.   If he could market anything, Bobby would want to market individual bands or other musical groups. (more…)

From Our Forum To Yours: Utilizing Blogs & Forums By Tiffany Tosh

Posted on December 12th, 2012 Categories: Blog, Marketing, Personality, Refuge, Social Engagement, Social Media, Uncategorized

The holidays are a time for sharing with others. One way to share with your customers is to reach out with a blog or forum. These digital discussions will help you engage and interact with your customers and fans.   It’s Your Stage   With a blog or a forum, you choose the topic you want to talk about. You can take your customers behind the scenes of the company or ask them which discontinued product they want to come back. By sharing with your customers, you will not only be promoting your company, but you’ll also be building credibility (more…)