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Clash of the Titans: Apple vs. Amazon By REFUGE Team

Posted on February 17th, 2016 Categories: Amazon, Amazon Prime, App Developers, Apple, Apple TV, Blog, Video Streaming

By Vlad Vidaeff   Ali vs. Frazier.  McDonald’s vs. Burger King.  Wal-Mart vs. Target.  Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi.  Apple vs. Amazon?  It’s safe to say that you’re probably not human if you’ve never purchased anything from Apple or Amazon in your life.  The retail giants have become so large that they now compete in some of the same circles.  One of those circles is streaming media.  Competition breeds competition and neither heavyweight wants to lay down.  This blog will discuss Amazon Prime’s omission from Apple TV. (more…) (more…)

Google Introduces two new Interactive ad Formats for Mobile By REFUGE Team

Posted on January 13th, 2016 Categories: App Developers, Blog, Gaming, Google Marketing, Mobile Advertising

By Vlad Vidaeff   Google, always the innovator, recently launched two interactive ad formats for mobile: Trial Run Ads and Interactive Interstitial Ads.  Both ads take customization to a new level by giving advertisers a more immersive way to reach potential consumers.  This blog will explore the features of each type of ad and the companies that would benefit from using these new offerings as part of their marketing mix. (more…) (more…)