Daily Deals: Figuring Out Social Media’s New Deals

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While it seems that the economy is growing day by day, people are still keeping a close watch on their spending habits. Most people look to find the best deals and social media sites like Facebook and Foursquare have jumped on the opportunity to distribute deals just for their users. We’ve broken down what it takes to create this deal and send it out to your fans.




No I’m not talking about the game you use to play at recess. This social media powerhouse totes over 25 million members worldwide and has seen about 2.5 billion check-ins since its creation in March 2009. This free application is a great way to open your business to a new audience. Simply claim your business, you’re ready to go.


Now you can create specials for your current and new customers to enjoy. Choose from specials like discounts to increase your sales, or loyalty rewards to keep people coming back. The best part? Creating these specials are free! All your customers have to do is check into your location and they unlock the special.

When it comes to entering the specials, there is no need to worry about confusion over redeeming a special. It will not only say unlocked on their phone but the frame will also turn orange. Need a discount code for the register? You can put it into your special. For example: “Tell your staff member the discount code is ‘4SQcode.’”





We all know that Facebook likes to be a little different, so they had to change how they do deals. These coupons, now known as “offers”, are offered through your business’ facebook page. There are more options for the offers than Foursquare. You can choose between in store only, in store and online, or online only. To make an offer, go your page and click on   Offer. Choose which option you would like and then start creating!  On a less positive side, Facebook charges you to create these offers based on the number of people you would like to reach.


To redeem the offer, your customers have to click on the redeem button and the offer will be sent to their email. As with Foursquare, Facebook offers let you place register codes to make ringing up the offer easier. Facebook also allows you to include handy bar codes, so in store offers are a breeze.


Take your business to the next level with these guaranteed people pleasing offers. If you have used either Foursquare deals or Facebook offers, please let us know how they worked for you.

“Aren’t You On YouTube?” Using YouTube To Your Advantage

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We’ve all done it. Wasted countless hours watching video after video on YouTube and the numbers prove it even if you don’t want to admit it. According to YouTube’s Press Room, over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month. That’s right, 800 million visits a MONTH! That popularity and the fact that it is a free video service makes YouTube one of the best places to promote your brand!



That’s A Wrap!


Do you have video clips of people demonstrating your product? Have you recorded a commercial about your company? Any of the options are perfect to post onto your own YouTube channel. Creating your own channel is simple: click on the sign in button on the top right corner and create an account. Once you do this, you are ready to start posting videos. Click on the video manager tab and then on the upload video tab. From there just choose the files you want to upload and they’re on your channel.



Get The Word Out
Now that you have videos on your YouTube channel, plug it! Post the web address on your website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Be sure to like and comment on videos that are similar to your videos. By doing this, it will cause those users to click on your name and see who you are and what you’re about. Also subscribe to other channels that are similar to yours and the people that subscribe to your channel. Just remember that the more channel views you receive, the more your channel rank increases.
For more tips on getting your channel out to the YouTube public, please visit TrafficGenerationCafe.com. If you have a YouTube channel, let us know how it’s going!

Corporate Graffiti: Billboard Marketing

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Even when you aren’t looking, they catch your eye. Billboards jump out grab your attention whether you’re sitting in traffic or driving down the freeway. According to AdHitch, 29% of people said that outdoor advertising caused them to visit a store within a week.


Keep It Short and Sweet


When planning what to put on your billboard, remember that people will be driving when they see it. In other words, keep it short. About Advertising suggests keep the length of words at about 6 or less. Since you have to keep your words to a minimum this is when you can show it instead of explaining it. Look into going 3D or using moving objects or making it interactive for the viewers. This is your chance to make your ad memorable!


Claim Your Territory


Finding where to place your ad is as important as coming up with the ad concept. The ideal location will alert your audience to your location. You’ll want to look into purchasing billboards close to your locations. It’s a waste of money placing your ads for a new clothing store 45 miles away from the store’s location. Another idea is to make sure to pick a place where your ideal audience will see it. For example, if you sell office supplies you will want to have your billboard ads around where there are lots of businesses or if you’re trying to bring families into your restaurant, you will want to place your ads closer to schools.


Help drive business to your brand today with billboard advertising! If you have used billboard advertising, let us know how it worked for you.

Hello Mobile

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It seems like everyone and their mom has a smartphone or tablet these days. According to a Pew, 55% of people who own cell phones use their phone to go online. With this increase in the number of mobile internet users, the need for mobile websites also has jumped. Here are some ways to take your website into the mobile frontier.


For those of us who aren’t tech savvy, Samantha Murphy, a tech reporter for Mashable, suggests using bMobilized. bMobilized is a do-it-yourself tool that converts your current website to a mobile version for just $5 a month. Simply type in your domain, click “Mobilize” and ta-da mobile site!





Don’t want to pay the monthly upkeep? Tech Republic’s David Gitonga suggests adding plug-ins to your current desktop site. Gitonga also suggests looking at Dudamobile, a free website that creates your mobile site in just one click. Dudamobile also automatically syncs your mobile site to your desktop site.


We hope the sites will help you go mobile! If you’ve been able to convert your website to mobile, let us know what tools you used!

The Infographic: Your new How-To Friend

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These colorful and extremely helpful graphics have burst onto the digital scene explaining and discussing everything from aquatic botany to Twitter to online dating. But exactly what are infographics and why should you use one?


Well, they’re basically images that have graphics and text (includings stats) about a certain topic, place, thing, etc. Since infographics are graphics they be used on any webpage, facebook page, or Twitter, Pinterest post to get your name/company out on any platform. They also lead potential new clients to back to your website.


Now that you have seen the infographic light, it’s time to start making them. We’ve found this to help you get started on making your first infographic! Here are some of our favorite infographic sites:




Infographic Labs




If you have made an infographic, send it to us and your favorite infographic site!