Twitter Adds Vine To List of Latest Apps

Posted on January 30th, 2013 by admin Categories Blog

Last Thursday, Twitter launched its latest app, Vine and they calling it the “newest way to share video.” But what exactly does it do and how could this help marketing? We’ve done some research and here is what we’ve found.

What Is It?

Vine is similar to Twitter in that it lives off abbreviated versions of media. The app lets the user take about six seconds of video and then loops it to create a continuous video.  As Twitter’s blog states, “the brevity of the videos inspire creativity.” Simply connect to your Twitter account and you are ready to start making your own videos. You can share them not only via Vine and Twitter, but also on Facebook. As you can see from this example, the posts are to the point and give just enough time to explain a little bit about what’s new in your part of the world.

How Can It Help Me?

Like all new apps, marketers are currently looking for ways to use Vine to their benefit. released an article talking about the best PR and marketing uses for Vine. They suggest thinking of Vine as a six second elevator pitch to your customers. Think of the video as a way to give your audience a behind the scenes look of the company or a quick product demo. If you would like some real life examples, take a look at this article from Mashable about brands that are already using Vine.


If you have used Vine, let us know about your experience in comment below.



When Searches Go Social: The New Facebook Search

Posted on January 23rd, 2013 by admin Categories Advertising

It’s been about a week since Facebook launched its new Graph Search. Now you’re able to find people or companies not only by their name, but also by their interests, things they’ve liked, photos they’ve posted and places they’ve visited. Now the question becomes what can we do as marketers to stay in search results?


Get Organized

Are there some holes on your business page? Have you only filled out the necessary information to create a Facebook page? Well now is the time to start getting descriptive. Be sure to comb through your page and fill out every detail, no matter how insignificant it may seem. As says, “if you aren’t categorizing yourself, Facebook will make decisions for you, or you won’t be featured at all.” Since the search is so focused, make sure your page has your company’s physical location as well. That way if someone searches for “jewelry stores my friends like in Houston, TX’, they will find your page.


Say Cheese


When creating posts for your page, think in photos! Try to convey your big two for one anniversary sale in photos of the sale items or old photos from when your store opened rather than just writing about it. When post photos, make sure to fill out the description and tag people only when appropriate.


I Like It


As Bill Faeth, a writer for Business 2 Community, points out, your total number of “likes” will eventually become a way to survive. For example, the person searching for “a shoe store my friends like” to find your store, one of their friends must already like your page. Keep your followers happy by interacting. This could mean creating a weekly contest for your page or having a poll on favorite products. These small posts will help engage your followers and keep them on your Facebook page.

For more information and tips on the Facebook Graph Search, check out this blog on and this article on If you’ve tried the beta version of the new search, let us know about it in a comment below.


Intern Spotlight: Pauline Alderete

Posted on January 16th, 2013 by admin Categories communication

With the New Year beginning, we have another new intern to introduce to you. Meet Pauline Alderete.


Pauline is currently a junior at the University of Houston. Pauline always makes sure to sport her UH pride on “Cougar Red Fridays.” She thinks “it’s always great to see people around town either wearing red or something UH oriented.” She’s studying to be marketing and management double major in the Bauer Business School. She choose marketing because she wanted to “help others promote their dreams through their business and watch them succeed.”

When asked how do you think social media will change the world, Pauline replied, “social media has brought in the new era of engagement to the fast track. This era of engagement that we are currently entering is looking to be around for a while because it has a core of Customer Service aspects that all customers look to have.”

Pauline likes to spend her free time going to concerts, taking photos and watching movies with family and friends.


Planning Ahead with a Social Media Calendar

Posted on January 9th, 2013 by admin Categories Advertising

The beginning of the year gives everyone a chance to get everything together and organized before your to-do list becomes like a monster of a science fiction movie. Next thing you know you’re too busy to creatively write and track your social media posts. A way to prevent this is to do what many editors and authors have done for years, which is to create a social media calendar.


Added Benefits


Similar to traditional publishing calendars, a social media calendar helps you break down what and when you want to be posting. There are many benefits to a social media calendar other than staying organized. The first is it will give consistency, so your co-workers or boss will have a schedule to work by as well. Blaise Grimes-Vlort, a writer for Social Media Today, points out that a social media calendar also helps you with planning for the events/milestones you want to promote. For example, if you want to celebrate your company’s birthday with your followers, you would know in January that the month of May’s social media posts and blogs would be about the founding and creation of your company.


Organize, Organize, Organize


Another Social Media Today writer, Danielle Leitech, suggests creating an excel document with columns for: post date, post content, social media outlets, post type, content theme, and tracking links. This detailed worksheet will help your organize your posts any way you want. You can track how many photo or video posts you have compared to how many written posts. Leitech also suggests creating tracking and reporting tabs in your worksheet as well. These tabs will help you notice trends in your posts and how your followers shared them.


Intern Spotlight: Shanea Johnson

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A few weeks ago, we introduced you to one of our new interns here at the REFUGE Group, Bobby Struzick. This week we are delighted to bring you Shanea Johnson.


Shanea comes to us from University of Houston Clear Lake, where she is currently a junior. She hopes to use her Communications degree to work with a company that allows her to socialize with clients. “I want to help someone build their business and be proud of all the work they’ve put it. I would love a job that gives back to the community and makes positive changes,” Shanea said.


One of Shanea’s favorite marketing campaign is Doritos’ Crash the Super Bowl campaign. She liked how people were involved through the Doritos website, their advertising, and how Doritos attained a really fun reputation for allowing their customers to become the advertisers.


Shanea likes to spend her time hanging out with her family, reading a good book or trying new food. If she could be any inanimate object, Shanea would want to be blown glass because it “takes a long time to make, ends up becoming something special and all it’s flaws make it unique.”