What exactly is the “Cloud”?

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Do you ever question the “Cloud”? With the fast advancement of today’s technology it is of no surprise that you have doubts or concerns, especially with what seems to be a never-ending list of hacking and Cloud scandals in the recent months. We are here to give you some peace of mind about the Cloud as well as a few tips for keeping your information secure and free of fraud.


First let’s give a little background about the Cloud. Surprisingly enough, this mysterious Cloud is nothing new. It dates back to the 1950s when every computer was huge and servers took up the space of an entire room.  As you can imagine, the equipment cost more a pretty penny so developers made “time-sharing”, which would allow more than just one user to access data and CPU time.  Time-sharing was the foundation for today’s cloud computing. A few more advances were made during the ‘70s, but the Internet was not able to make the Cloud available to masses of people until the 1990s. Remember that term “cloud computing” that we mentioned? This came about in the late ‘90s with the help of a professor putting a name to the technology and Salesforce reinventing CRM.


cloud_webNow that we have some background let’s dig into the Cloud.


The Cloud is not a physical item. It is made up of different servers with different functions that run applications and make services such as Adobe Creative Cloud available to us. Basically these networks of servers work to either provide service or store information. Instagram, Google Drive, SkyeDrive and Dropbox are all used for storing data on the Cloud.


The Cloud can save businesses money. Business leaders’ ears perked up at that one! One major benefit of incorporating the Cloud in your business is that you don’t have to waste money on buying the hard drives required to store data since it can all be accessible with application such as Asana.


The Cloud is not EVERYWHERE. Believe it or not, there are ways to limit or completely eliminate your use of the Cloud. Since it operates with the use of Internet you can keep your files and data on your internal hard drive to prevent uploading it to the Cloud. For email, you can use a traditional desktop email provider such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail instead of Cloud-based email providers such as Google (Google Docs is also a Cloud-based entity).  So don’t get bogged down if you aren’t comfortable with the Cloud as you can limit your use based on your comfort ability.

Backup for the unexpected.

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There is always important data that you need in your life stored on your computer, tablet or phone. It could be something you need for a presentation or it can even be all those “important” numbers on your phone that you can’t live without. There is always that one thing that happens during or before your presentation or that one time you lost your phone when you will be kicking yourself for not bringing an extra copy or for waiting too long to save those numbers. You depend on these types of things, and you always need to prepare yourself for technology mishaps or a lost phone. Backing up everything that is important to you is the best thing you can do to help yourself. You should make it part of your routine, kind of like the maintenance for your car.


The standard rule for backup is called the 3-2-1 rule. Whenever you want to backup something you want to make at least three copies in two different formats with one copy offsite.

Having three copies in different places reduces the chances of losing it. Two different formats could be saving a copy on a hard drive and another to a USB drive. Keeping one copy offsite means to keep one at home and another at work or school. This keeps at least  one copy safe in case of a fire or break-in. Cloud services are considered off site, but they are not a good for backups because they can still lose your data and have recently been known for getting hacked.


When choosing what to backup the choice is yours.  We would recommend protecting anything that you want to keep or can’t recreate such as documents that are vital for business; or pictures, videos and music that you have created or downloaded over the years.

Backing up your mobile phone is very important as well. In some cases, people can’t do work without their phone because they sync everything that needs to be done to it. People use their phone to take pictures and videos for work, as well as saving important numbers that you have gotten along the way. It can be annoying and tiresome trying to acquire the numbers you have lost.


Simply put, we recommend that you backup anything that your daily routine can’t continue without.

Introducing Cindy Mendoza

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Here is Cindy at Pinots Palet for a party.
Here is Cindy at Pinots Palet for a party.

Living the suburgatory life has made Cindy Mendoza a variety of things. She is the punk rocker, orchestra lover, shoe crazed, girly-flare-dresses wearing, green and yellow loving, country music loving, technology dated, hip-hop loving type of girl. Being raised between the City of Houston and the suburban City of Sugar Land has made Cindy love most of the city life and most of the country, woodsy life. She’ll go horseback riding with friends one day and the next be in the city to have an adventure to try out different things.


Cindy loves Houston because there is always something to do, to eat, to see, something to hear and to love. She can have Indian cuisine one day and southern Texas BBQ the next. Houston is very busy and lively, but traffic is a contrary feeling;the traffic is the only thing Cindy can complain about.


Whenever she wants to get away, Cindy likes to go to the quiet parts of SugarLand where it’s woodsy, calm and relaxing. Cindy loves to go to the town center when they have country nights so she can two-step and line dance. Cindy also lovesthat Sugar Land supports their local businesses.


Cindy has always been fascinated with music and is able to play the guitar, violin, viola and cello. She does not have a favorite, but instead listens to music based on her mood. Some she will listen to Irish rock while at an Irish pub and other times she will enjoy salsa on a dancing nights. Another love of Cindy’s is fashion. She often feels like she doesn’t have enough to clothes to express herself. Cindyloves to shop, specifically for shoes.


In her off time, she likes spending time with her family to watch American football. Family is always first to her; she has two brothers and one sister. Her family gets together every Sunday, as that is family day to them. Her mom is the center of everything, she like to be the boss, her older brother is always trying to guide them for cool things, and her younger brother is the clown of the family. Their father passed away when she was young, and that tragedy just made them even closer. Cindy always get so excited for September because she is true a Houston Texans fan and goes for them no matter what kind of season they are having. Another favorite team of Cindy’s are the Green Bay Packers because they work together as a team. Cindy watches all of the Texans’ and Packers’ games religiously.

Introducing Q’Sean Miller

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PhotoQ’Sean Miller is from the state where it is always sunny and “boogie boarding” on breaks is normal – California. He is the younger of two kids and is 24 year old. He and his sister were commonly referred to as the Q kids.  Q’Sean has always enjoyed participating in sports, mainly football and basketball. He started playing at a very young age and was a very successful athlete at South Hill High School. There he was immortalized in the high school gym for being the Most Valuable Player in track and field and even got his name engraved on the wall.



Q’ Sean attends Texas Southern University, which is a long way from home. Q’Sean is earning his degree in Communication with an emphasis on Interpersonal with a minor in Management. At TSU, Q’Sean joined Habitat for Humanity and Student Government Association all while walking onto the track team from which he eventually obtained a scholarship. During his junior year he joined the debate team and became a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. Q’Sean climbed up the ranks and became the Vice President and then ascended to the President seat. Through Alpha Phi Alpha he was able to get into a lot of community service projects, which he loves to do.


In his spare time, Q’Sean enjoys going to the movies, out door activities, playing sports, video editing, producing, solving challenging puzzles or riddles, and of course hanging out with friends. When he is not doing those things he is enjoying music and updating his Instagram. During this internship Q’Sean is excited to soak up everything there is to know about social media marketing and the many other forms.

Introducing Ian Botor

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We would like to introduce Ian Botor! He was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He recently graduated from the Jack J. Valenti School of Communication at the University of Houston with a bachelor’s degree in Advertising accompanied by a minor in Retailing and Consumer Science.  He chose the University of Houston because it was close to home and the people he grew up with. Ian participated in various intramurals including basketball, football and softball. He was also involved in the Filipino Student Association while attending the University of Houston.


In the beginning of choosing a major, he did not know what he wanted to do. But soon realized that advertising was right for him. Ian loves the social media aspect of advertising because to him it is fascinating that it is very useful for a business as you can connect to people and consumers from all over the world. A dream job for him would be in marketing for a collegiate or professional sports team.


Whenever Ian is not on social media, he likes to get active by playing basketball, flag football and mountain biking. Whenever the winter season rolls around, he likes to snowboard as well. You can always find Ian doing an outdoors activity. Ian likes to pride himself by being spontaneous and “live in the moment” kind of guy, all while always being up for whatever comes his way. He has his friends to thank for this and wouldn’t be anywhere else without them. Ian also has a huge family that lives in Houston and loves to hangout with them whenever he can.


Introducing Kendall Popelsky

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It started out as a dream of a child born and raised in Houston, Texas. Kendall was born to two hardworking parents, Gary and Clarissa Popelsky, and she was also the second oldest of four. Kendall showed a passion for writing and creativity ever since she learned to read at an early age. She spent her primary and secondary years in the Cy-Fair school system and eventually received her high school diploma from Cypress Falls High School in 2009 with her concentration in Journalism. She spent her final semester of her senior year putting together her portfolio for JEA’s competition for Journalist of the Year 2009. Kendall received second place and a $1000 scholarship.


She then decided to attend Texas Tech University to pursue a communications degree with a minor in English. She received her bachelor’s degree in December of 2013. The course that cemented her passion for marketing and social media was a global communications class taught by a Professor Kent Wilkinson. Kendall says that the  “dissemination of media to the masses fascinated her with the power she held in her hands, the ability to communicate to the common people via any social medium, with just her cell phone.”


Kendall spent a majority of her college career working at least two jobs to help pay her way and decrease her student loan debt, all while going to school full time. She spent some time volunteering for Habitat for Humanity and Ronald McDonald house in the City of Lubbock.  She took in a stray dog, a Beagle-Whippet mix, named Bailey and raised her from a pup, as well as rehabbed her after a car accident. She now has full function of her left leg and, if anything, has more zest for life.


In her free time, Kendall enjoys riding her long board, alone or with friends, reading, writing poems and short stories, exercising, and playing all sports that do not use a softball. Her favorite social media platform is a tie between Instagram and Soundcloud. This fall Kendall is hoping to learn more about social media marketing and advertising to broaden her experience and get a job more tailored to her degree.