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Social Virtual Reality: Facebook’s Next Challenge By REFUGE Team

Posted on March 23rd, 2016 Categories: Blog, Facebook, Oculus, Social Media, Virtual Reality

By Vlad Vidaeff   Looking back on the technological innovation that has taken place during my lifetime alone is remarkable.  Here’s a snapshot of what things were like when I was a kid: I would log-on to the Internet using dial-up so I could IM with my friends; while I was online, our landline phone could not be used; loading a web page took so long that I would often read a magazine while I was waiting; cell phones resembled small bricks and the best part was playing snake; a couple years earlier, cell phones didn’t even exist; if I (more…)

Canvas: Facebook’s new Immersive ad Experience for Mobile By REFUGE Team

Posted on March 16th, 2016 Categories: Advertising, Blog, Branding, Facebook, Social Media

By Vlad Vidaeff   The good old days of Facebook are long over.  The days where Facebook’s algorithm made it easy for brands to reach consumers with a significant reach are long gone.  Facebook’s current algorithm makes it essential to use Facebook advertising for successful advertising campaigns on the social network.  This blog will discuss Canvas, the recent full-screen ad experience built for mobile. (more…) (more…)

Twitter’s new ‘best Tweets first’ Timeline By REFUGE Team

Posted on March 9th, 2016 Categories: Blog, Facebook, Social Media, Twitter

By Vlad Vidaeff   It’s no secret that Twitter has been in a state of flux lately: the company has been playing musical chairs with its executives, its stock price has plummeted, and it’s planning to eliminate its iconic 140-character limit.  In another major change, Twitter has recently introduced a ‘best Tweets first’ timeline.  This blog will discuss the features of this new update and whether it’s a solid decision for Twitter’s short-term and long-term growth goals. (more…) (more…)

Go big or go home: Twitter Shoots for the stars by Eliminating 140-Character Limit By REFUGE Team

Posted on February 24th, 2016 Categories: Analytics, Blog, Branding, Social Media, Twitter

By Vlad Vidaeff   One of the aspects of Twitter that has made it so iconic and different from any other social media platform is its 140-character limit.  Along with creating the use of hashtags, the character limit has become synonymous with Twitter.  It has also had a major impact on how users and brands communicate on the platform.  Due to the character limit, you have to be concise and brief in getting your message across.  All of this is set to change.  Twitter has announced that it will axe the character limit and institute a new character limit of (more…)

Pinterest: A Viable Ad Platform for Marketers? By REFUGE Team

Posted on February 3rd, 2016 Categories: Advertising, Blog, Pinterest, Social Media

By Vlad Vidaeff   Pinterest is viewed by many as an up-and-coming social media platform.  Over the past several years, platforms with a visual focus have had the most success: Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat to name a few.  While the folks at Pinterest have focused their efforts on increasing the popularity of the platform, 2016 brings a new focus.  Developing Pinterest in a viable ad platform that will one day be able to compete with the likes of Facebook.  This blog will discuss Pinterest’s strategy surrounding their Promoted Pins and what the future might be for the direction of the (more…)

Twitter’s Conversational ads: Facilitating Interactions Between Brands and Consumers By REFUGE Team

Posted on January 27th, 2016 Categories: Advertising, Blog, Branding, Social Media, Twitter

By Vlad Vidaeff   Twitter recently introduced conversational ads that “make it even easier for consumers to engage with and then spread a brand’s campaign message.”  Historically, polls have been one method that marketers use to conduct market research.  From the consumer’s perspective, polls and quizzes are often a fun activity.  Who hasn’t taken one of BuzzFeed’s fun quizzes at some point or another?  Twitter’s conversational ads take aspects of polls and adjust them to the social media setting.  This blog will discuss the framework of conversational ads and how they can be of benefit to brands. (more…) (more…)

The New Era of Google+ By REFUGE Team

Posted on January 6th, 2016 Categories: Blog, Google Marketing, Social Media

By Vlad Vidaeff   The history of Google+ has been an interesting one.  The social media platform’s importance as a benefit to your SEO is unquestioned.  However, Google+’s aspirations to be a direct competitor to Facebook have been a mixed bag.  This blog will explore Google+’s history and the recent changes made to the platform. (more…) (more…)

The Intersection of Social Media and eCommerce By REFUGE Team

Posted on December 16th, 2015 Categories: Advertising, Blog, ecommerce, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Social Media

By Vlad Vidaeff   For the majority of retailers, e-commerce makes up a significant portion of a company’s sales.  Consumers love the convenience and ease of purchasing products from their homes.  We have seen the rise of Cyber Monday.  We have seen the popularity of Amazon and other online retailers.  This blog will explore the growing impact of social media on e-commerce. (more…) (more…)

The Impact of Facebook Safety Check During Terrorist Attacks and Natural Disasters By REFUGE Team

Posted on December 9th, 2015 Categories: Blog, Facebook, Social Media

By Vlad Vidaeff   November 13, 2015.  Whether you heard about the terrorist attacks in Paris through social media, the news, or a friend, it was a solemn day worldwide.  Many Americans expressed their feelings and support for France through social media.  Facebook allowed users to add a filter to their profile picture in the colors of the French flag and I, along with many of my friends, used the feature.  Another feature that Facebook offered during this time of panic and devastation was the little-used Safety Check tool.  This blog will explore the purpose of the tool as well (more…)

The Evolution of Facebook’s News Feed By REFUGE Team

Posted on November 25th, 2015 Categories: Blog, Facebook, Social Media

By Vlad Vidaeff   In 2005, I happened to be one of the first batches of teenagers to try out what was at the time a strange new website: Facebook.  After graduating from high school, I was eagerly awaiting the start of college after the summer.  Going to school out of state, I didn’t know anyone else who was planning to attend the University of Michigan.  With Facebook gaining popularity among my age group, I thought it would be a fun way to get to know some of my classmates before I stepped foot on campus.  Ten years later, it’s (more…)